Junk Removal Service in Olathe Kansas

Best Junk removal service in Olathe Kansas

Junk removal from a property can be  quite frustrating, No need to worry, because now you are in touch with one of the most reliable and reasonable Estate Cleanout and Junk removal company in Olathe Kansas.   We have the experience required to  know-how to get even the most hectic of deals done in a quick and timely manner.

What Do We Do with the Junk?

If you are wondering that, what we will do with the junk items, all your questions will be answered here. As being our customers, you should have transparency on what is going to happen with your junk items.

Me and the guys at Discount Junk Removal LLC, Do everything we can to keep junk out of the landfill. In the last year alone we have diverted over 20,000 pounds of what one may of considered trash away from the landfill, including: plastics, cardboard, scrap metal, furniture, appliances, and much more. Not only do we save as much of  your unwanted junk from going to the landfill we reasonably can, We haul and dispose of all hazardous materials in a safe and environmentally friendly manner when performing Estate Cleanouts and Junk Removal Olathe Kansas, it’s our responsibility to recycle the waste without harming the environment.

Services We Offer

We specialize in  Junk Removal Olathe Kansas, and surrounding areas. we offer a variety of junk removal services, which are affordable, and at the same time, the process easy from start to finish. Customer satisfaction is of the utmost importance at Discount Junk Removal LLC, We are a local business striving to become the household name all of our local area residents know and trust when it comes to junk removal.

Household junk removal

In Olathe Kansas, we can deliver the most reliable or affordable home junk removal services. Being located in Olathe ourselves, it makes it harder for other companies to compete with our prices. When we perform Junk removal Olathe Kansas, well, no one not even our competitors. One of the biggest reasons to go with our home junk removal service is we are local real people, call us anytime night or day, It doesn’t matter when you give us a call and our experts will do their best to be there and assist you when you need us.

Commercial junk removal

No need to wonder if we can get the job done, I will make it simple and answer the question with two words. We can! Discount Junk Removal has faced many challenges along the way, but nothing that has ever stopped us from completing the job within the agreed upon time, we know how hard it is to run a business, and promise to take your business just as serious as our business. Over the years we have learned from many of our mistakes, grew and learned from them, and with experience are confident to say we would be a reliable asset to your team. We already help numerus property management companies, and real estate agents in and around Olathe Kansas, just ask us for referrals! 

Property cleans out

For any type of property or estate clean-out service, whether it is commercial junk removal or residential junk removal you can hire us for Junk removal Olathe Kansas, to get your space cleared out. Some examples of why we may perform a estate cleanout in Olathe Kansas is: Eviction, bereavement cleanout services, fire damage or water damage or flood cleanup.

Move Out Cleanouts

We keep it simple. Load up or separate everything you would like to take with you. We will swing by and clear out the estate of absolutely everything you requested to go.

Discount Junk removal Olathe Kansas, is always ready to help you in both your moving in house cleanout or moving out house cleanout. Just give us a call about your junk items for a instant quote today.  

Curb side pickup

We also offer Curb side pickup in Olathe Kansas, This is one of the most convenient ways to clean out the junk, even when you are not at home. Hassle free, stress free. Pay online when work is completed.


We respect you and your  valuable time, this is why we have customized our junk removal services into 3 easy steps, let’s take a look.

Get your price

Call us at 913-787-6927 or fill out the inquiry online to get your free quote!

Schedule a pickup

We will schedule a time for pickup with you. We do always set appoints up with a 1 hour window to avoid ever being late. We do alert you with at least 15 minutes notice before showing up within that 1 hour window.

We haul it away

On the decided time, our experts will come to your location and they will haul away your junk.